Everything You Need To Know About The Children's Clothing Growing Currently

The children’s wear industry has been growing rapidly worldwide and according to reports, the growth shows 5 percent to $203.4 billion last year.  The rise of middle-class families, to the shift towards nuclear and small families, have made the parents spend lavishly for their kids.  The frequency in which the kids clothing items are purchased has increased in the last few years and this is defined by the trend of people to buy clothes for their kids in tune with the changing fashion trends. There was a time when children’s wear depended on the necessity to buy new clothes, but today it has become a matter of luxury.   The trend-led products for kids closet are playing a bigger role in the lives of the little ones, and the buying process is no more just affected by soft comfortable pieces.

Without any doubt, the star kids are also exerting a lot of impact on the buying habits of the parents to dress up their toddlers. Be it the funky Suri Cruise or Royal Princess Charlotte, the cutest celeb offsprings are turning heads in the fashion scene, reflecting the best designer clothes.  According to the experts of the clothing industry, the designer kids wear sector is going to see more success in the coming years, and at least will spruce up by $5.89 billion or even more.

The very seamless transition towards physical and digital retailing with a strong focus on the entry of leading fashion trends into the market of kidswear has been a great reason behind the enormous growth of this sector.  Consumers have also become more safety conscious, and instead of relying on the second-hand clothes, they are looking for newer options, to turn their little ones into fashionistas!  The leading brands and manufacturers are investing more and more in the kids wear sector, realizing the rapid growth that it has been witnessing.

The shift of kidswear form comfort specific to being highly trendy

The rise of social media, influence of the celebs on the global fashion scene and some other factors have affected the glorious “mini-me” trend that is moving the shift of kidswear market from being comfort driven to stylish and fashion conscious.  This has also forced the leading wholesale kids clothing manufacturers to replicate adult designs in smaller sizes for their children’s ranges in different sizes, styles, colors, and cuts. 

Now that you have an idea about the rise of the global kids wears sector, there are certain style trends that are in news this year for the little ones.  The reputed childrens clothing distributors USA is trying their best to bring in the most loved fashion quotients for the kids into the retail market.

The global tribal influence

The ethnic and tribal scenario has largely impacted the manufacturers and designers, and hence there has been a flow of rich and exotic patterns that reflect this style.  Be it the velvet embroidered kimonos, rich with tribal prints, the folk traditional jackets, and frocks, there are endless options to swoon over this product category.

The milk chocolate shade

Its time to move from the bright hues like pinks and blues for girls and boys, and turn to something more unisex and versatile in the form of clothes in milk chocolate shade.  A very smart color tone, this has been a very trending color scheme for the little ones and you get to place your hands on jackets, to frocks, the pants, and shorts or skirts for the little divas and dudes!

Go text embossed

If the elders can express their thoughts and feelings through text embossed clothes, why not the kids? The designers are bringing in the text embossed quirky and cute tops, tees and outerwear pieces that reflect a range of ideas flamboyantly!

Enchanted gardens

You can now teach your little ones to be more conscious towards our nature and surroundings by making them wear the green colored clothing pieces, and also the ones printed with motifs inspired by nature. These can be the floral prints or animal printed dresses for boys and girls.

Smileys all the way

Today, the social media has made the emoticons and smileys come alive in the real world, too, and this is also reflected in fashion. The clothes depicting these emotions are quite perfect for the cute munchkins, in different colors.



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